Steps of the project.

The roadmap of the creedle project displayed on a tablet

Clear goals

Focused – professional – blessed


Establishment of the organization, elaboration of the software architecture | programming of the CORE Platform | Adoption of existing codes from 2021 | Development of marketing materials | Development of spiritual performance team. HOST | Search for partners and supporters of creedle rockc | Putting together the CORE Teams | Programming of the search logic based on the SEO analyses | Programming of the API for importing the theological content from creedle rockc | u.v.m. Result: Everything completed on schedule


JAN | Go Live the website

APR | Completion of the partner program, the crowdfunding campaign and the prototypes of creedle rockc, creedle mapc and creedle wordc

APR | Go Live from creedle rockc in version 1.0

MAI | development and implementation of creedle mediac, creedle helpc, creedle sharec and creedle eventc

Realization of the search engine with connection of all creedlec for version 2.0 and connection of curchtools


JUN | Launch and creedlec version 2.0


Finish more creedlec in version 3.0 | Launch version 3.0 in July 2025

20xx Internationalization and further expansion