Faith lived…

…Jesus experienced

Every child of God is a part of the body of Jesus Christ. While more and more people around the world are becoming networked lonely, anyone can find or offer practical charity through creedle helpc. From practical help with moving to Christian counseling to being a funeral speaker, this is where the reality of Jesus becomes tangible and real.

Love your neighbor.

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To the point

Many individual points also make a picture

God is practical and always relates to our everyday life. He always sums it up: “If someone needs your help, don’t refuse it! If you can help him, do so!” (Proverbs 3.27. Basic Bible). All are wanted and needed for God Himself to be “visible”.

No one can help everyone, everyone can help someone.

All have times in life when they can invest in others – all also have times when they need support.



God has put something on your heart that you can bring to creedle helpc? Then let us know…

You need help and support? Then take a look… and hopefully you will experience that “God sees you”.

Help from Christians for all.

Help from Christians for all