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Where we want to go! will be the largest database around Jesus Christ, filled exclusively by his followers. An innovative Bible server including intelligent topic search will be used. Jesus Christ is our rock – on Him alone we build!

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creedle rockc?

A unique story

creedle rockc was created to answer the throbbing questions of our day. It answers 251 questions that internet users search for more than 10 times a month on average. Qualified theologians and spiritually responsible experts give easily understood, truthful and inviting answers to these daily questions about Jesus Christ.

Quo vadis?

Where is the journey heading? will be launched in 2024 as an innovative search engine. Closed to the inside, only solid and verified content enters the platform, which can then be searched within the search engine. In the process, an innovative Bible server incl. intelligent topic search can be used.

To the outside world, however, the content organized in individual creedlec is transferred to Google in a second index so that all Internet users can find the relevant content. Thus, creedle as a search engine is free from false and non-Christian content, but works into the world with relevant content: The message of the Christian faith!

Christians surf
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Christians surf the web

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