Aktuelle creedle partner
Aktuelle creedle partner

All for all

This can only be done together

Jesus’ commission to preach the gospel and make disciples is for all of God’s children. Therefore, it makes sense to do this together. Jesus reveals and shows Himself through His entire body. Many lights are brighter than a single light.

Every Christian, every initiative, every Christian work and every church has specific gifts, emphases and competencies. Nobody is or can do everything. creedle.io only works if many people participate – with what they are, have and are already doing. A platform by Christians for all people.

Be a

creedle PARTNERS
creedle PARTNERS

Together, the vision of a central platform can succeed. The centerpiece is creedle PARTNER, the creedle partner program wich is currently only avalible in German. There will be numerous partner forms:

HOST Partner, Theology Partner, Prayer Partner, Technology Partner, Content Contributor Partner, CORE Partner, Fulfillment Partner, Strategic Partner, E-Commerce Partner, etc.

Live out vocation

Bringing puzzle pieces together

Every Christian, every organization, every movement has an individual calling from God. What is yours? How do you complement what others have to give? How do others benefit even more from what you are and have? How can we enrich and equip one another?

It’s like a puzzle: the more individual pieces are connected, the clearer the actual picture becomes! Every child knows that, so it’s high time to talk less about it and just live it.

Quite practical, here and now. Become a partner.